Our Story

Our Story began close to 10 years ago when we finally found each other. We were both divorced, had children, and were looking for what was important in life, someone to share in all the things that we loved.  

One of the things that we found that we had a mutual love for was rock hounding.  We have traveled all over the state of Arizona searching for beautiful rocks and minerals.  Arizona has so much to offer, from a wide variety crystals, jasper, chalcedony, turquoise, amethyst, agate, and so much more.

 We have been collecting all of these rocks for so many years, not sure what to do with them, we started researching what we can do to make them even more beautiful.  We started tumbling a lot of them, cleaning them up, and eventually decided to start wire wrapping.  With a lot of practice and hard work, I discovered I had a knack for creating beautiful pieces of art with wire.

 We decided to add resin art to the mix when we wanted to make unique pieces that couldn't be found anywhere else. From pendants, we expanded into coasters, dominoes, bookmarks, and so much more.

 We are always changing and growing, and we hope you enjoy our 'treasures" as much as we do.